Feb 10, 2014

Making outfits (ENG)

We've had some questions in our mail box, some people seem to be unsure about the Closet Child Live! sales!

Here I want to show you some findings from past lives (All pictures with permission of the owners!) 

(Btssb JSK 4,500円) (Aatp JSK 18,000円 + Beret 2,800円+ bow 2,800円) (Btssb Cardi 3,000円 each)
(Btssb JSK 4,800円) (Aatp Victorian Letters JSK 14,000円)(META JSK+bow 2,000円)
(BP for men Jacket 3,500円) (Aatp Blouse 6,000円) (IW Pants 4,500円)
(Btssb/AP parasols 1,500円 EACH)
(AP Musee du Chocolat SKT 12,000円 EACH)

You don't have to spend thousands of your money in one go. Closet Child is about patience, luck and going a lot. That's why I do the Live! sales once a month, so you can -slowly- make your lolita wardrobe.
Remember, Lolita Fashion is all about COLLECTION! 

 So we have some things already, right? Let's make outfits!
I won't wear absolutely anything my clients order, so I went to school and borrowed a mannequin <3 
again, permission granted by the clothes owner! (She's my best customer, as you can see) 

NOTE: The petticoat used is mine by BUNNY HOUSE (vietnamite store). 

ミ☆Blouse: Angelic Pretty (4,500円)
ミ☆Cardigan: Baby, the stars shine bright (3,000円)
ミ☆Skirt: Angelic Pretty (12,000円)
ミ☆TOTAL: 19,500円☆ミ

** + 25% (4,875円) + aprox 3,000円 shipping by surface = 27,375円

Now, the original price for the Musee skirt was aprox 25,000円, the retail price for the blouse was around 18,000円, including tax. See? You CAN have good quality, in good state brand!

Let's add a little more:

ミ☆Blouse: Alice and the pirates (6,000円)
ミ☆JSK: Baby, the stars shine bright (4,800円)
ミ☆Socks: Alice and the pirates (2,000円)
ミ☆Headbow: Baby, the stars shine bright (3,000円)
ミ☆TOTAL: 15,000円☆ミ

 ** +25% (3,950円) + aprox 3,000円 by surface = 21,950円

Consider the blouse by Aatp about 18,000円 and the dress 20,000円 retail price, the socks EVEN THOUGH they are new with the size tag and metallic clips is about 1,000円 cheaper than the original price. Bow should be about 5,000円~7,000円

 Moving on; let's do a full outfit!
For a sunny day?

ミ☆Blouse: Angelic Pretty (4,500円)
ミ☆JSK: Baby, the stars shine bright (4,500円)
ミ☆Socks: Baby, the stars shine bright (2,000円)
ミ☆Headbow: Baby, the stars shine bright (3,000円)
ミ☆Parasol: Baby, the stars shine bright: (3,000円)
ミ☆Plush star clip: Chocomint (525円)
ミ☆Shoes: Baby, the stars shine bright (5,000円)
ミ☆TOTAL: 22,525円☆ミ

 ** +25% (5,635円) + aprox 3,000円 by surface = 31,160円

I hope I could prove my point.
Again, you don't need to buy everything at once. This was about 3 or 4 visits to CC (this client 'goes' with me quite a lot, we talk everyday), so don't despair if you can't find everything in one go!
Even if you don't find anything, your money will be given back !

Also, when requested I do guidance for new lolitas -- free of charge.
Sometimes we all have too many questions, and its absolutely normal; we cannot just spend so much money without knowing what's best. 
If you just want to come look, I will post the link to the live at the Facebook Page! Remember you can only participate if you pay the entrance fee, but there's always next month.

See you real soon~!
Will you stay up for a midnight shopping?

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