Dec 29, 2013


Welcome to ★ASTROS Secret★.
This is a shopping service that specializes in JAPANESE FASHION. If the shop has a website or a physical store, this site helps you buy items. Which is great help if you don't know how to buy from a website, or the store doesn't ship internationally.
We can help you through all that!

Here's some (of the many, many!) choices if you don't know where to start!



 If you don't see a link to a store you know, DON'T WORRY! We treat all emails case by case so just sent us one and we'll help you out!

★But how does it work?

Easy! send us an email at and we'll do your budget for you! Once you get your budget we need you to transfer by paypal. First, the item (and the delivery fee // transportation fee as needed). Then when we get your item we'll send you a confirmation email, so you'll have 20 days to paypal transfer us the SHOPPING SERVICE FEE + SHIPPING.
Simple, right? ★ remember to ESTIMATE how much you're spending before emailing us~! you can calculate the ratings on

★Step by step:★ 
 1. Send us an email
 2. Pay (just) for the ITEM + delivery fee
 3. Get confirmation email from ASTROS
 4. Pay SHIPPING + SS FEE within 20 days
5. Get your item!

★ How do I pay?
We only accept PAYPAL (for now). 
the paypal address will be given by email only.

★ How much is the SHOPPING SERVICE FEE?
As for now it's 20%
10% comittion
4% Paypal Fees
6% Paypal - Bank transfer (Im not American, its expensive....!)

Shipping usually 5 days after the payment, so I can get the money via bank withdrawal. If there's holidays or somewhat of a problem, I'll email in advance so you know about the delay!
We use SAL and it takes about 2~3 weeks to deliver.
If the item is too heavy, you can choose Surface, which is a greatly cheaper option, but it takes 3 months.

★ Tracking?
Yes, tracking!
For insurance it's an extra USD 5 (covering up to USD 400)

 # If you do not pay the item the shopping will not be done
## If you do not pay by the due 20 days, the shopping service WILL dispose/ re-sell your items.
### If by any chance the SS is not able to buy the item, a refund will be given MINUS pp fees
#### IF by any chance the refund is NOT asked for in SEVEN DAYS the SS will understand it as not needed and WILL KEEP THE DEPOSIT. 
##### Remember that when the item has been shipped, WE TAKE NO MORE RESPONSIBILITY, as it is no longer in our hands. Delays, lost or even custom extra fees are all on the buyer, ASTROS takes no part on this.


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